Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thursday's Madness

Back to school this week. 

And, yes that does mean that our bored Miss Teen is no longer sitting in her room, listening and singing to way too loud music, nor is she holed up in the same room reading story after story on some fan fiction app that she has downloaded. No, I am not complaining about the matter how rubbish the content, she is READING!!! Voluntarily!!!

It also means that our Crazy Thursdays start again. For some reason, thanks some weird glitch in universe, all our kids activities fall on the same day. All of them. It is a mad and crazy world I tell you! And Thursday's during school term is the peak of the craziness!! 

So, Thursday mornings are spent at swimming lessons for Mini Miss.


Usually this time is spent with Daddy, unless he has something on. Mini Miss LOVES to swim, so the end of the lesson usually ends in tears, but those tears are easily distracted by the awesome sticker and small packet of chips (judge me if you will, yes once a week my toddler eats some twisties!) and the promise of the next activity!

Next we are off to playgroup at Tabatinga. This is run by "Fairy, Fairy"! 

Mini Miss LOVES her friend Fairy! They play games, dance, sing songs and do craft. She also climbs all over the play gym designed for 3yrs+ like she owns the place. Nothing wrong with this kids gross motor skills! 


Her favourite time though, is craft time! She gets stuck right into making a picture, eating glue, oops,I mean, using glue, and pencils and sticking and drawing. 


All the excitement is over, and by 12pm Mini Miss is usually sound asleep....Avoiding the desire to join her is damn hard! By this time, I'm usually exhausted too! But, now we head home and do that boring thing called HOUSEWORK. And that's all I have to say about that.

Not soon enough comes the school pick up. I pick up Miss Teen and we have about 1/2 hour, just the 2 of us before her activities begin. I try very hard to use this time to have some afternoon tea (why is it, that they always finish school and are starving, like they haven't eaten for a week? Or is that just my child?!) and we, get this....TALK! I know, talking to a teen is hard work. Getting more than a Yes, or No, or uh huh is HARD! Thankfully though, Miss Teen and I, so far, have a good relationship and we can talk, sometimes with a little prompting, and removing of the mobile phone from her hand. We talk about school, friends, scouts, whatever she wants. Its never long enough, but still, its something.


Piano lessons then follow. She takes these very seriously! Miss Teen has decided she wants to do something in music when she grows up, so her aim this year is to get to Grade 3 in her piano. She also has an Eisteddfod this month, so fingers are crossed, hours of practice are being done, in the hope she does well!

Then we get to have a quick trip home, scoff down some dinner and then it is off to Scouts for the evening, before I head home again, and then head back in again an hour and a half later!


Its about this time every week that I realise just how busy I have been all day, and also, just how much petrol I use! It would be ok if we lived IN town, but living 20-25 mins away from these activities....ugh! I hate to think.....

But, Miss Teen is a girl with many facets. She loves to get all dressed up and act properly, like her recent entry in the local Junior Showgirl (check out this link!!) at our local show (more on that in an upcoming post!), but she also likes to camp, hike, tie knots and hang out getting dirty and messy and having all kinds of grubby fun with the kids at scouts.


Exhausted reading this yet? 

By the time I get home at about 9.30pm on a Thursday night, I am ready to fall into bed, and I usually do!

But, you know what?

I wouldn't have it any other way! 

The smiles on my girls faces, the fun times I get to spend with them, makes it ALL worth it in the end!!

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