Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lost for words

Don't you hate it?

I sit here every Friday or Saturday or Sunday night to write my weekly Blog post. This is the norm. I love it. It gives me a platform to express myself, my thoughts, my views. It helps me sort through whats going on in life. Hopefully it reaches out and connects with some people. 

I usually hope just someone will READ it. Even better, COMMENTS on it!

This week, I have sat at this computer, looking at this particular screen, the draft screen (yes, I am aware you don't get to see this screen, but you know, its what I am currently looking at as I haven't hit PUBLISH yet!). I have started 3 different blogs about 3 completely different subjects. After writing for 10 minutes, the flow eases and I go back and read through. My response to every read through has been "really?" followed by DELETE!

I have writers block. 

I am normally so expressive, opinionated, rambling. I have so much to say. That hasn't changed. I have plenty to say! I have about 6 pages of topics, with idea trees, bullet points, links for research, images and photos ready to add, everything is there ready to go. Just need to do the actual writing.

Nope. I am lost for words.

So, rather than stress about it, which believe me, I have been doing these past few days, I am going to accept it. I will continue to write down ideas. I will continue to revisit my half written drafts saved as Word Documents, or scraps of paper in my diary. 

I know, eventually the words will flow....

Now, Im re reading this post and thinking "really? Is that all you have got?" and while I'm considering deleting it, in good, usual sharing order, I will instead post it.

In the meantime, if you love me (and lets face it, I am pretty lovable!) you can check out my Instagram. Its full of lots of random pictures of my day!

Or, if you are REALLY interested, why not follow my dreaming, I mean planning and organising, on Pinterest?

In the meantime, I will continue to attempt to find my writers flow and get stuck into one of those 26 (yep, I just counted them, it is 26!) blog ideas I have for posting at some point this year!!

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