Wednesday, 22 May 2013

End of Week 2.

Well....we are at the end of 2 weeks.

I am feeling good. Despite the fact that I have the head cold from hell (I'm a bit like a man when it comes to colds....always straight to the "I'm Dying" man flu!), I feel positive. I feel motivated. I still WANT this!!

This week, despite everything, I have lost 800 grams. That makes 2.2kg in 2 weeks! That is awesome!! 

Earlier this week I fell off the wagon in a major way. Basically, I forewent every lesson Chriss had given us and just ate what I felt like. 

Well, actually no, that is not entirely true. Yes, I ate rubbish, but I was STILL aware. I was aware of the carbs I was consuming, the sugars, the calories. When I wasn't eating "whatever I felt like", I was eating properly. Balanced, low carb, high protein, low GI foods. 

Also, I was aware of MOVING. Sure, I wasn't exercising. I wasn't doing a set exercise or exercises. But rather than sitting still on my butt all day, I was up and about. I was doing housework, I was playing with Mini Miss, I was walking, I was throwing the ball in the yard for Jasper. I was aware that no, I wasn't being perfect, I wasn't even being good, but if I kept moving, I would keep burning those calories. 

And THESE things? They are what have made all the difference for me!! 

These are the life lessons I keep talking about. This program is designed FOR LIFE! It's not a quick fix, its not a detox, its a new way of living. Its knowledge, knowing the right things to do, being aware you are not always going to be perfect, but having that knowledge to get straight back into it. 

I know now, have a bad day? Do a Fat Flush day the next day to reset your body. Have your free day, because denying yourself the foods you love only leads to cravings, which leads to, in my case, over eating the food you crave. Exercise right, exercise smart, because exercising wrong only increases your appetite, and you are bound to give in and eat more than you need to as result, eventually.

So this week I have had a rollercoaster week. Ups and downs. I lost motivation. I went through the 

"i can't do this" 

"I have struggled with my weight all my life, so why would that change now"? 

Self doubt crept in. But, with the support of family, friends, work colleagues (yes, you know who you are Miss Boss!!!), and the very important support of like minded people going through the same thing, AND the support of the Personal Trainer helping me on this journey, I got through it. 

I took a running leap back onto that wagon and have continued on the ride.

Follow my journey.....

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