Friday, 17 May 2013

4WFF.....Mid Week 2 Disappointment

The last few days, to be honest, have been a disaster. The wheels have fallen off. 

If there was a 4 week Fat Flush Wagon, I just fell off and got left in the dust. 

I feel awful. I feel like I am letting people down, like I am letting Chriss down.....and I am definitely letting myself down......

This disaster is not Chriss's fault. It is not the programs fault. In fact, the program teaches you exactly how to deal with situations like this....I am just bad at managing it...

See, this last week our Mini Miss has been very sick. This has lead to a few very loooong nights and unplanned trips to the doctor, chemist etc. 

I am good at planning. Sunday night I sat down and wrote up a menu plan for the week. That included breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks were also included. I scheduled time for exercise. Sounds like good planning and organising right? 


As soon as something unexpected and unplanned came along, all that was forgotten. A big lack of sleep 4 nights in a row has left me completely exhausted, unmotivated and unable to get myself going again. I do not cope well at all without enough sleep. I become moody and grumpy. I become unreasonable. I become physically exhausted and everything requires the biggest effort to get moving again. I need at least 6 hours sleep a night to function properly. I have not got that this week.

A good example is Tuesday where I had to rush Mini Miss to the Doctor before I started work at 2pm. I ran around getting everything organised for her to be with Gran for a couple of hours, I got my work stuff ready. I rushed out of the house. I was seriously worried about her. I forgot about lunch or at the very least afternoon tea. I had nothing. Come 2pm I was more than a little hungry, of course. I felt sick as I hadn't eaten since 7am that morning. The last week I have been careful to have small regular meals, so my body kinda freaked out! In desperation, and not wanting to work feeling that ill and shaky, I grabbed the only thing available to me where I was....a Mars Bar. It filled the spot, but I felt ill afterwards as well. Not the shaky kind of ill, just emotionally ill. Disappointed ill.

And so that is how my last 3 days have panned out, rushed, stressed, unorganised and in the end, lazy.

Normally this is the point at which I go "you know what? This is too hard. I can't do it. I don't have the time/patience/willpower/drive to do this right now. I think I will leave it and try again in a few months."

Not this time!!!!

I am determined NOT to let anyone down.

I am DETERMINED to make this work. 

Soooo, right here, right now, is my PROMISE. My AFFIRMATION

I WILL get back on track. I will strive ahead and still make my goal of 5kg.


I will plan better. Sunday nights I will not only plan the menu's, but where possible pre prepare the food. Cut up the meat, cut up the vegies. I will prepare lettuce, carrot, cucumber, celery, etc so I can simply grab a container and fill it with salad. I will fit some, ANY sort of exercise into everyday.


Now, lets see if I can keep my promises....I am not always the best at that, as I often promise what I simply cannot do......but I CAN DO THIS!!!

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  1. Oh Sharon, you will do this! Don't let a few days of ick (hope little Miss is on the mend) throw you off course completely. It's hard. You can do it!!