Thursday, 16 May 2013

Here comes the bride....

So, a little over 6 months ago, I got married.. Hence the lovely picture at the top of the blog!!!

And I still haven't written about it! It was a crazy day, and I have to say for the first weeks after we got married, I would look back on that day and simply see a blur of happiness, joy, tears, people, colours and lights....and in the centre of it all, clear and in husband.

Now I have had time to process it. Look at photos, both taken by friends and family and our professional ones. I have watched the video and laughed and cried along with it. Now I feel like I can remember enough about the moments to write about it!!

Watch a short 5 min summary of our day HERE!

Our Wedding Day was more like a wedding weekend. Friends started arriving on the Wednesday to help us prepare and get organised. On the Friday night we had a pre wedding dinner with friends and family from all over. I was hoping it was going to be a chance to say hello to everyone and catch up with those I hadn't seen in such a long time. It was. Sort of. Like the actual day, it wasn't long enough. But it was a night full of fun, laughs. Hubby met some of my long lost friends, I met some of his. We all got to know each other. This was particularly helpful for the bridal party who came from all corners of Australia...from Townsville QLD to Melbourne VIC! They hadn't met each other before (well, the bridesmaids had).

Miss Teen and I stayed at Bonville Golf Resort on the Friday night before the wedding, the place of the event. We had an awesome night, just the 2 of us. Having been a single mum for 9 years, Miss Teen and I relived our past, hanging out in a hotel room, being silly, watching tv and talking, eating stuff from the mini and giggling. We had spas (unlike when she was little though, we had them separately lol!), and generally primped and preened ourselves for the big day.

We woke up reasonably early, and headed up to the main house for breakfast. I was surprisingly calm. I had had a good nights sleep, I was relaxed. I was able to eat a decent meal, which was good, seeing as I barely ate the rest of the day! Miss Teen was bubbly and excited! She could not wait to see me walk down and aisle and marry Hubby. She already called him Dad and treated him like Dad, in both the good and bad ways! 


We headed back to our room and the girls started to arrive! Then the hair and make up people arrived and the getting ready began! It was so much fun! There was bubbly, there was laughter, these was strawberries dipped in chocolate and a cheese platter, both barely got touched! But the bubbly, well, it got touched....a lot! 

We rehearsed our big moment, the Thriller Dance together. My photographer thought it was hilarious that we were dancing in the middle of the guest carpark! In fact, we stopped traffic with our awesome moves....ok, well, we stopped golf buggys....and maybe there was more laughing than awe....but hey, we had fun! 

With my hair and make up in place, it was time to put on the ugly, but practical, and very useful "suck in the bad bits" underwear and don THE DRESS! 

NOW.....Now the nerves hit! 

As my bridesmaids, who were already dressed themselves helped me into my gown, as the tucked in all my bits, grabbed and pulled and shifted my bust, as they held onto me and pulled the ties tight on my corset style gown (which was hilarious to watch, and be apart of by the way!!) the reality hit. This right here, right now was my dream. I was marrying the man I loved with all my heart. The man, whom from the first moment I set eyes on him, stole my heart. The man, I knew from the very beginning was my soul mate. And I was scared! I was terrified! I have no idea why. I guess this is the cold feet they talk about. I felt dizzy, I felt sick (although the bottle of champagne I had already consumed may have contributed to that!). Suddenly, even though I was already 37, I didn't feel like I was ready. But, I also wasn't going to let the man I love down. I wasn't going to leave him standing there wondering what the hell happened. So, regardless of my nerves, I was doing this!! There was no getting out of it, not that I really wanted to. 


So rather than let the fear and nerves overwhelm me, I handed out my bridesmaid gifts...they included their jewelry, a special personalised note to each of them, and, of course, a matching doll! Yes, thats right. A doll! These are no ordinary dolls. Those who have followed me for a while, or who know me, know I LOVE handmade dolls. My favorite doll maker Sam from Monkey Hugs had made all my girls, including flower girls matching dolls (she even made me one for me as a special surprise!!!). Another favorite handmaiden, Sharna from Sugar Punkz had also made likenesses of Hubby and myself, and they sat proudly on a table at the reception.

We had photos and suddenly the golf carts arrived to take us to the ceremony. This was it. Step into the cart, step into my new life as a Wife............

To Be Continued....obviously.......

I am going to a small series on this very special day, and our honeymoon, otherwise this one blog would be ridiculously long! I have so much to share, so many funny moments, so many happy moments...and of course, all there is to know about our themed reception!!

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