Friday, 24 August 2012

We're going to the chapel.....

Well....we are 10 weeks out from the BIG day! 

  • The wedding party is organised (minus 1 groomsman....& I am not letting that stress me!!)

  • The invitations have gone out....(and if everyone comes we won't have enough room to feed them all.....& I am not letting that stress me)

  • The outfits have been purchased (unless you are a groomsmen....& I am not letting that stress me!!!)

  • Venues, flowers, photographer, videographer, cake, hair and makeup, transport.....all organised (as far as I am aware.....& I am not letting the uncertainty stress me!!)

My sources of information have been a little different to what I expected. I bought a couple of magazines, flipped through them, entered some competitions, then threw them out...they had neither the information nor the inspiration I was looking for.

  • Facebook has been a great source of information. 

  • Pinterest....ah, Pinterest....where a girls dream becomes an image on the screen, a virtual pinboard.....which I then print and take to various suppliers and expect exactly the same results! Its great to have a visual aid when planning a wedding, that way there is no misunderstanding (thanks to my somewhat vague English at times, this is a good precaution!)

  • Websites, endless how to organise your wedding on a budget websites, with images, information, tips.....

  • Blogs, also a surprisingly good source of information. Blogs have given me ideas, tips I never thought of, such as making sure there are people actually organised to do all the little "no body thought of it & now its not done" type jobs...

Really it makes sense that I would plan and organise my wedding online. I am a girl of the now, all modern and up to date like..... (bah ha ha!!)

  • I met my lovely fiance on RSVP.

  • My bridal shower is being held online, through Facebook so I can include my friends both in real life and online, because they are all special to me.

  • I plan all my details via email and Facebook messaging.

  • I booked our honeymoon and all the fun stuff that goes with that online.

All that's missing really is Shane and I getting married via Skype. Not being actually together at the same place, but simply saying "I do" via video chat. Me walking down the aisle using a virtual person robot. But, really, some things are still much much better in person! How would we do the "you may now kiss the bride"?? Would Shane be kissing the monitor?!!!

So now, all thats left is the finer details. The ceremony, readings, who will read what, music, gifts, who will organise what on the day.....

Vows. Mine are written, (fiance's are not, as far as I am aware....& I am not letting that stress me!!)

I am booking in for facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, organising hens nights (minus my bridesmaids scattered over various parts of the country....& I am not letting that stress me!!) I figure if I plan the nice stuff for the 2 days leading up to the BIG day, I will relax and enjoy it. Who I am kidding?!! I am the biggest stress head known to man...but you cant blame a girl for trying!!  (hence the "I am not letting that stress me" mantra!!)

We still have a couple of surprises in store for our guests...but shhhh, not giving away of secrets now!!!

So the countdown is on......if you could do one thing for us....pray, send positive vibes, good karma, whatever it is you do, that our day will go smoothly and that we & our friends & family, have an enjoyable day (and if they don't.....I will not let that stress me!!!)

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