Wednesday, 29 August 2012

12WBT Finale.....

So I have finished my Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. 

Is my body now transformed? I am now some amazing size 8 goddess transformed and ready to rule the world, long blonde hair blowing in the breeze? Did it give me a virtual face lift? Instantly change my body from flab to fab???

No, sadly it did not........

But.....I did lose 9kg in the 12 weeks, 45cms off my body, dropped almost 2 whole dress sizes.....

I lost 9kg? Well no, I didn't lose it, that suggests I may one day want to find it again! That it is just misplaced waiting to be found....I permanently erased 9kg from myself that I NEVER want to see again!!!!

For me, its what I learnt, about healthy living, about portion control, about exercise, about me, that is the most valuable. The mind set lessons have been incredibly amazing! Learning about how I sabotage myself (see previous post Dear Self Saboteur), about how I make one mistake and throw it all away, fall off the wagon and watch it rolling away & think, nah, too hard to catch back up now, so I just let it roll away! About the importance of dealing with the WHY as well as the practicals of how.

I have discovered a love of exercise that even I was surprised about. I have done the gym thing before, but did because I had to, not because I enjoyed it...but walking, I love. Basketball, I love and now miss....I am actually looking forward to starting bootcamp at ungodly 7am on a Saturday of all days...I am starting the Couch to 5k's learn to run program.

My Iphone has suddenly become my best friend. It is no longer "just a phone". It tracks my calories (My Fitness pal), it tells me how far I have walked and how fast (Map My Walk), It gives me a plan to learn to run and walks me through it (C25K). It gives me music to keep me entertained & even a camera to take inspirational pictures when I walk!!!

So it wasn't an instant fix, but it WAS the beginning of a life long journey. One I no longer dread, but instead look forward to. It will be full of challenges, hard times, as well as successes, but it will be healthy and it will be FUN!!!!

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