Thursday, 9 August 2012

A new addition.....

So, because my life wasn't crazy hectic enough already, our family has a new member....

A beautiful 8 week old Australian Kelpie pup named Jasper.

He is so cute, and funny, and frustrating.

Adding this new pup to our house has, in many ways, been like adding a new baby, like the girls suddenly have a new sibling rather than a new pet. Suddenly I'm spending a LOT of time saying phrases such as: 

                                          "Jasper, no! Don't eat that toy"
"Molly, put that down! That is Jaspers toy!"
"Jasper! Don't bite Molly!"
"Molly! Don't pick Jasper up by the head!"
"Maddi, don't tease Jasper!"

or the classic

"don't make me come over there!"

The fun really starts though, when, after a LONG day the phrases start mixing, the tone starts blending and suddenly its:

"Molly! Come!"
"Maddi! Drop it!"
"Molly! Sit!"
  "Jasper....come here sweetie"

And suddenly you aren't even sure anymore if its the dog or the child you are even talking to!

Even more fun, was yesterdays outing to pick up Maddi from school. She desperately wanted us to bring Jasper in so she could show him off. Now, for those of you that don't know, Molly has her "duckie". It's a backpack in the shape of a duck, that has a lead (for lack of a better term!) attached. It means that she can wander around with us without the risk of running in front of a car, or disappearing at the shops. Molly loves her "duckie" because, to her it means freedom! 

So, there we are. Molly walking with duckie with Daddy...Jasper running around on his lead with me....I can only imagine what people were thinking!!

And suddenly night time is harder. The first night was good! Both Molly and Jasper slept well. This is a rarity for Molly, so it was extra special! Last night, not so great...Molly ended up in bed with me, and by early morning, Jasper was in the spare room bed with Shane....neither of us really got any sleep, but the babies slept well!

Next week our littlest family member will also be going to "school". So we have Maddi at Primary school, Molly at preschool & Jasper at Puppy school! Funny thing is, Jasper will graduate first!!!

So come spring we will be house training a puppy and toilet training a toddler...I'm wondering, if in a sleep deprived daze, how many times we will try to sit Jasper on the potty and take Maddi outside to "do her business"

But, having Jasper in our house has very much filled a void. We said goodbye to a precious family member a month ago, Kallie. She was 12 years old, and the best friend of every member of this family. She was family. It was a heartbreaking decision to say goodbye, but she was sick, losing control of her bodily functions and had arthritis in both her back legs. Suddenly there is a bit more life. Suddenly my Dad's face is a little brighter. I feel better knowing we aren't leaving Dad home "alone" when we all go out. Sounds weird, but it is a comfort that Jasper is here. Watching him play with Maddi and with Molly is heartwarming entertainment this family can only grow from. It brings us closer, makes us spend more time outside, together. 

What I do know for sure is, there will be lots of hard times, and LOADS of fun times and LOADS of laughs along the way, and I am happy to go through them all with my full, happy, healthy, family :)

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  1. Yep, you need some more sleep, because it's Molly that we will be toilet training honey. BTW, I love you!!!