Thursday 12 December 2013

Toilet Training Toddler Tales

Recently we have taken to toilet training Mini Miss. She has been "sort of" ready for a while. She drifts between disinterest, going to the toilet like she has always done it that way, and absolutely, I'm not EVER going to use the potty, put a nappy on me now!!!!

This was 12 months ago.

Fact is, she is capable of using the potty. We have spent days at home, and she has used it without reminding or prompting. So I know she can do it. I think she just can't be bothered with it some days when she can get away with using a nappy instead. 

In her mind Nappies = More time for uninterrupted play!

We also have a Kelpie Pup who is spoilt rotten and is an inside dog. He loves Mini Miss. Follows her everywhere. They are truly best friends. She drops food, he eats it. He drops his ever beloved ball at her feet, she throws it. It's really win win for them!

He is also a bit disgusting. 

NOTE: This is the point, where if you have a weak stomach, you might want to opt out of reading this post.

Mini Miss has recently mastered the art of pooping in the potty. The first few times she insisted on telling me, parading said potty around, and basically there were cheers all round before disposing of said poop. The last few times though, she has done it and just got up and got on with the business of playing. She also ALWAYS chooses a time where I am doing housework, in the bathroom myself, running a bath.....

You get the idea. Not in the room.

The first time this happened, Jasper the Kelpie decided to dispose of it eating it....

Yep. Told you it was disgusting!!

But it gets worse.

A couple of days ago first thing in the morning, I set about getting breakfast, making that much needed coffee. I was half awake. That is my only defense.

Suddenly Mini Miss announces proudly 

"I paint the dog Mummy"

 "oh really? What are you painting Jasper with?"

(I really was only half awake. I thought she was joking, making up a story....I thought she was INNOCENT!)

"With my poo"


Obviously she like to paint him.
This is much nicer that what I saw!
I was stunned. Momentarily, I could not process this. How could my beautiful little toddler do THAT?! I mean, I read about it, I laugh at it on Facebook. But I NEVER imagined MY child would be one of THOSE children.

Yet there she was, waving her painting fingers at me, looking so so proud. 

Jasper was sitting there, looking a little guilty, like he KNEW it was wrong, but went along for the ride anyhow.

On closer inspection, Jasper was not her only subject. She had also painted her own face and arms, like war paint! 

This is lipstick, I promise!
Also painted on her face on the same day!
Suddenly I was no longer half asleep! I was wide awake! Mother brain kicked in and protecting my house and furniture was suddenly paramount. I quickly, with a slightly frazzled sound to my voice, told the dog to "get outside NOW!" and told Mini Miss "You! Bathroom. Now!" A lot of confused seconds passed as I ushered the now poo covered dog outside to deal with later, while at the same time chasing the toddler who saw what was on her hand as home made paint (WHY?! Why did I think THAT was a good idea?!) in the other direction to the bathroom and into the shower. All while trying to avoid either of them touching anything else, OR ME!!

Needless to say, the above situation seems funny. NOW. In fact I can already laugh at it. I imagine that the flies that were obviously hanging around were having a good old laugh at me.

Eventually, Mini Miss got showered. The dog got bathed. The potty got cleaned. The house was checked for any further artwork, but thankfully the dog and herself were her only canvases.

Just yesterday, Mini Miss decided that the grass was a great place to go potty. I mean obviously, if its good enough for the dog, then its good enough for her right?! 

And yes, Jasper, thrilled with new fertilizer on the ground, immediately rolled in it. 

Cue second bath in as many days.

Double Trouble these 2 I think!

Isn't toilet training fun?!