Wednesday 28 December 2011

The First Post!

So this is my first ever blog post. 

I'm planning on using this blog to share the things that make me laugh, particularly at myself, share my life experiences and, at the moment, make myself accountable!

I need to lose weight.....a lot of weight. As depressing and somewhat embarrassing as it is, I figure if I share on the world wide web, then I will be accountable for my actions and HOPEFULLY I will actually lose some!

I have a serious fear of looking back on my wedding photos and thinking "wow, I really do look awful" of people whispering in a sing song voice "here comes the bride, big fat & wide"...most of my close friends tell me that that won't happen as I am beautiful, but I have to say I disagree...I know I'm a nice person, well mostly, but I certainly don't feel beautiful, and I want to feel beautiful on our wedding day.

So the scary part....the of this morning I weigh a horrible 118.1kg. I am a size 20-22, which I think is only because my weight is so evenly distributed. My body doesn't discriminate, its quite happy to ensure all of me is cushioned. I have a tummy, I have a butt, I have thighs, I have boobs & I have the well known "tuck shop" arms! No one place gets more than the rest, it's equal shares for all! 

Each week i will weigh in, and if I don't lose i will look at why, if I do lose I will share what I think made the difference that week!

Also, while taking on my weight loss, i have a wedding to plan, 2 beautiful girls to raise, one who is on holidays at the moment, and already "bored" and a WAHM business I want to get up & running. I plan on making things for bubs, toddlers and March I want to have my business at a point where I can run a stall at the local markets! Lots of challenges to face, and all while still recovering from PND!

No, I don't do this all alone, obviously, otherwise I'd be marrying myself I guess...I have a wonderful supportive fiancĂ© that holds my hand, props me up when I am down and makes me laugh when all seems lost...

Let's all see how I go. Today I am off to the doctor, just in case it's the pill that is hindering my weight loss & to reassess my need for anti depressants. I haven't taken any for about 3 weeks, and I'm doing ok, but have a serious over reactions to the littlest things.

Have a fantastic week and see you all in the New Year....2012 watch out, the new me is on her way!!!!!