Thursday 8 November 2012


Mini miss has discovered her imagination at just 18 months old!

For a while now she has played with her little people, sending them down a slide or driving a car or swinging on a swing & said the accompanying "weee!!", or walked then around. But this was something different altogether. This required her to pretend!

Tonight in the shower she was playing with her little people. Little people princess was riding the horse and she was crying out "help! Help!" (And we all know how well mini miss can say THAT word!). The farmer then came along and kissed?? ( I'm not sure, I don't understand all her words yet!) the horse. He then jumped onto the horse with the princess and they rode away.

Then they hopped back off and kissed each other (this was obvious as their faces were smooshed together & she made kissy noises!!) and wandered away to "babble, babble, gabble"....

It amazes me that she has such a good imagination!! It is so cute to watch too! Obviously, there would be video footage, but we were in the shower! Nobody needs to see that!!! And I certainly don't want to get my iPhone wet!!!