Thursday, 19 September 2013

Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

Ahoy Mateys!!!! 

I love International talk like a pirate day! It's a great excuse to say "arrrrrgh" and watch Pirates of the Caribbean (who really needs an excuse to do that lol!)

Mini Miss is currently obsessed with pirates. Her favourite show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates, a weird spin on Peter Pan & the Lost Boys. So obviously we were looking forward to dressing like a pirate, talking like pirates, going on an adventure to find our treasures to put in the treasure box....for a 2.5yr old, she was excited!!! 

We had our pirate mask and the plan was to make a sword for her. Yesterday i bought her a music box, which no matter the number of times i told her otherwise, she decided it was her treasure chest! No matter how hard I try, she is not my little girly "oh it's such a pretty box with a ballerina and sweet music" kind of kid. She's the use your imagination and turn the otherwise "ordinary" box into something awesome like a treasure chest kind of kid! It currently contains a feather & a rock! Not jewellery and glitter here!! 

Anyway, I digress......

Sadly, mini miss is sick :( so no international pirate day celebrations here. 

Mind you, Mini Miss's idea of pirates and mine are very different. Mini Miss's view on pirates is they are sweet and fun loving people who love adventure, sharing and learning valuable lessons about team work and helping others. 

I think of pirates as wild, dangerous, swashbuckling, sword wielding long haired, dirty bearded, troubled eyed, rope swinging........oh yeah picture Orlando Bloom right here and you get the idea.....or Johnny THEY are the pirates I like!!

So today we have an endless run of Disney Junior on the TV while she lays lifeless on the lounge, & we both get some much needed rest I guess. At least she can watch Jake & the lost boy pirate crew! Maybe if I'm a good girl I will get to watch Pirates of the Caribbean tonight (nudge nudge wink wink Muddled Hubby!)  

However, it won't stop my talking like a pirate at every chance!!


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