Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mini Miss Explores Spring

So, on the days I get to actually spend at home with Mini Miss rather than working, I like to do something fun. 

I know, weird right?! 

If I absolutely MUST do housework, I try and include her in some way. For example, hanging out the washing. Its surprising just how much this kid loves to hang out clothes! I don't know, maybe she gets that from her Dad or something. But I certainly do not like hanging out clothes, or doing dishes, or vacuuming.....but these, these things she LOVES to do, or at least, help with!

But yesterday I decided to sacrifice the housework and go explore Spring with her. It has well and truly sprung here, flowers are blooming, trees are green, weather is warm.....I love it! 

So we went on a nature walk, basically to collect some items to use in a craft activity I had in mind. Bucket in hand we set off. One of the benefits of living on an acreage is that I have access to "the bush" without it being too dangerous and scary! (And, not being able to hear your neighbours arguments, thats a good plus too!).


We walked around the house, down the back of the yard, over the the "not running at the moment" creek. We looked at trees, and the different leaves, the different flowers. We looked at bugs and ants. We talked about spring, about all the colours we could see, about all the different textures we could feel. 

Mini Miss's eyes were alight with learning. She was hands on and loving every minute of it! I love this age. She has just started asking questions, the why and how questions. At this stage, its still cute, and the questions just have a simple one answer purpose. She actually wants to know WHY and HOW. I'm not looking forward to when she is 3 and asks why over and over again!

Once our little bucket was over flowing with interesting things from the garden, we headed back inside. I set her up with some PVA glue and a piece of paper I had set up. It looked like the grass and the sky, very original i know! I talked to Mini Miss about how she could use all the things we had found to make a picture of our yard! 

Mini Miss loves "crafta" (no idea why she calls it this, but that is what she calls it, and corrects you if you just say craft!) so she dove right in and started making. Glue flew everywhere, bits of grass and leaves, flowers and sticks....MESS!


But in the end, she was smiling. She had learnt something, and we had spent some quality time together doing something she loved. Spending time with my Mini Miss, one on one, having conversations, teaching, watching her learn and understand.....

that is just the best.

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