Monday, 2 September 2013

Competition Time!!!

So......I think it is time for a little competition on my Facebook Page. In a couple of weeks I will be running an auction to raise money for an awesome cause (find out more about it HERE), so I need my page to EXPLODE with likes, and shares, and general activity. 

Yep, I am running a competition purely to increase readership and interactions on my Facebook Page. 


You don't think that is one of the biggest reasons other pages run competitions? If you have followed me for a while, you know I'm honest, I'm transparent, "It is what it is"!! 

So on my Facebook Page, I have a guessing competition. There is a "what is it" picture. To enter is easy:

  1. Like my Page (obviously!)
  2. Share the photo on your wall (publicly is best as I can track it better that way)
  3. Post your guess in the comments.
That's it.

this is the picture....trickier than it looks apparently!

This coming Friday, the 6th September, at 7pm, the competition will finish. I will tally up all the correct answers (and yes, I get to determine what is a "right" answer), and all the shares. Each share gets an automatic entry. Each correct answer gets 2 entries. 

When I have written down all the names onto little slips of paper (i am expecting this to take a while....want to torture me? Share LOTS!!), folded them up and put them into a non see thru container (yes, I will take photos so you can all see its legit....hey, maybe I'll even video the draw!), Muddled Hubby will draw the winners name! 

So, thats it. get sharing, guessing and having FUN!!!

Oh, the prize? Yeah, I guess you want to know what that is....

$40 voucher to spend on Snapfish photo products. You can use that however you want...photobook, calendars, enlargements, of hundreds of 4x6 prints. I don't mind. 

Only catch on that is, it is only available in Australia....soooo, if you enter from over the ocean (say the US or UK or somewhere else awesome) and you win, we will work something out! Your prize will be of equal value and still give you flexibility for a photo gift type prize (I have a couple of ideas, it will just depend where you are from!). 


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