Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday is now Activity Day - Playdough making

I don't spend enough time with my Mini Miss. Time has run away from me this year, and she is suddenly 2 and a half and is very interested in EVERYTHING! A little sponge, just shy of asking why all the time, but happy to ask "what that mummy?" at everything, or the new one "what letter that?". She is growing up fast, and I want to enjoy some of this new, sponge like time, before she turns into the 4 year old "know it all" or the 13 year old "I don't really need you anymore" kid!

Sooooo, I have decided that EVERY Monday will be a special activity day for just Mini Miss and Me. 

This week, we made home made, no cook playdough.

I went with no cook as I wanted Mini Miss to do as much of the making as possible, and I am not ready to introduce stove top cooking to her just yet! 

I found the recipe in the wonderful world of Pinterest, on the KIDSPOT website and it is just so simple. I can see us making this often. If you haven't checked out the Kidspot website before, I highly recommend it! 

To save time though, here is the recipe:

2-3 cups of flour
3/4 cup of salt
2 tbs cream of tartare
1 tbs vegetable oil
1 cup of water
1 tsp of food colouring

To make it is even easier!!

1. Put 2 cups of flour, salt and cream of Tartare into a bowl.

2. add food colour to water, helps it mix better in the dough
3. add oil and water to bowl and mix vigorously.

4. Add more flour if needed, until the mixture comes away easily from the bowl and turn out onto a floured board and kneed until it is no longer sticky. 

Thats it. So simple! 

You don't have to worry if they eat it, you know whats in it and its perfectly safe. (Mini Miss has definitely snuck a couple of bites in when I haven't been mouth is a giveaway!).

There are so many simple, yet important learning areas in this activity. We measured and counted. We mixed and poured. We watched as the white dough turned blue, and we talked about all the other colours we could make. We made things and she made up a little story about a snowman she made. (Mini Miss LOVES making up stories...all the time....about everything!).

Not to mention, it was awesome fun!

I loved spending time with her, and doing something just for fun. I love that Mini Miss enjoys helping with the housework, washing, dishes, cooking, just not vacuuming (not a fan of loud noises AT ALL!), but doing something fun together, was just so relaxing.

I highly recommend you try it if you have little ones! 

I am open to suggestions for next weeks activity so feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion/link!!

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