Thursday, 10 October 2013

Activity Monday - bubbles, my bubbles!!!

Monday was a public holiday this week. Which is awesome. It meant everyone was home on a week day for a change. 

It also meant I was not prepared for Activity Monday. Again. 

"oh well" I said, "I will just move Activity Monday to Thursday this week"

"No, don't mess with the routine" said Muddled Hubby
"No, I want do some activity" said Mini Miss

So it was fly by the seat of my pants Activity Monday. Again.

After a quick peruse of my favourite site Pinterest (<---- you can follow my boards there if you want to :0) I decided on doing Bubble Painting.

I found a great link HERE about bubble painting that inspired me. I also used my own experience as a daycare teacher and student teacher, from MANY MANY moons ago! 

I set about gathering supplies. The good thing about "Fly by the seat of your pants Activity Monday" is that if you want to do it too, you should already have everything you need in your cupboard!

Basically, for those who are not visual, here is a list!
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Food colouring and a little paint (not pictured, oops!)
  • Water (no excuses here, we are on tank water and we had some!!)
  • Straws
  • some containers (Im sure you have a hideous Tupperware cupboard like me, don't you? Please say you do!)
Firstly I put a good squirt of dishwashing liquid in each container (i had 3, one for each colour) then topped them up with water. Then I added a good splash of colour to each container. Then about a tablespoon or so of paint and mixed.

That's it. Easy!

Then let the kids go for it! 

They blow lots and lots of bubbles, just like this

Then put your paper over the top and Voila! A beautiful, swirly marbley bubbly painting! 

A couple of rules I highly recommend:  

  1. Its important that they understand to BLOW and not SUCK the liquid. I used the water and NON TOXIC paint as inevitably, despite knowing this, Mini Miss was bound to suck, which she did, once. It tasted awful, obviously, and she didn't do it again!
  2. In my opinion, this is obvious, but play outside! This is going to get messy! Unless you have ample drop sheets and want to do loads of clean up, keep it outside! 
  3. Food dye can stain. Clothes on a hot day, like it was on Monday, are optional! If you do need clothes, make them old ones or wear a paint shirt over the top, just in case! Most food dyes come out, but I don't need an angry rant from that one Mum who decided their brand new $60 Pumpkin Patch outfit was perfect for this activity! OLD CLOTHES people!
Mini Miss was having so much fun even Miss Teen decided to join in, sort of! She blew bubbles, but wasn't so much interested in the painting side of things! 

When we were done with the bubble painting, which was about the time Mini Miss decided that blowing bubbles wasn't fun enough anymore, and she was wanted to paint with her hands, feet, get the idea, we cleaned up! 

I quickly whisked away the bowls, and gave Mini Miss a bowl with just water and a bit of soap

Then let her play in the wading pool. She had so much fun with that, that I decided to fill up a second bucket with warm soapy water to see what she would do. 

A lot of fun was had!

But the fun thing about Activity Monday is that you never know where it will lead.The planned activity usually leads on to another and another. Part of that is because I love to let Mini Miss lead the experiences, and also because I can see an extension opportunity....and there was so much more fun to be had.....

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