Sunday, 14 October 2012

Confession....I'm an addict.....

So....its time the truth came out. I have an addiction. Its expensive. 

I spend many hours thinking about it, saving up and planning my next purchase. I belong to a group of fellow addicts and dealers, where we support each, tell each others stories, share the next best place get a great score, encourage each other in our habit....

I am a member of the DAA.

I am addicted to buying gorgeous, hand made with love dolls.

I am not talking about just any dolls. These dolls are special. They are beautiful. They are made with love. Their details are exquisite. Each doll is unique and has a special place in my heart. 

I buy all my dolls from Facebook businesses. I am friends with lots of the lovely ladies who make these dolls, so I know the love and care they take in making each and every one. I am in a group with them, where we share our love of dolls, and also our lives. These women are amazing! I count myself lucky to have been invited to join them! 

This addiction started from one doll. Made by Hello Dollies. The page was suggested by a friend in my online mums group. This was my first taste of the beauty that is hand made. Dawn makes lovely dolls that are designed to be played with, loved and cuddled by little ones. Molly adored her and I was instantly hooked!

Hello Dollies, Aingeals Keepsakes, Babes by Little B, Pins and Needles 

                                                            These are ALL Sugar Punkz!

Monkey Hugs, Butterflybelle Boutique, Over the Raindow

This is a hard one....Freckles, Aingeals Keepsakes, Hello Dollies, Monkey Hugs, Lily & Andie Dolls, Little Stuffed Friends, Butterflybelle Boutique, Little Honeypie. 

I now have over 40 dolls. Some are made to play with, but most are art dolls, or dolls designed to be enjoyed with gentle play and displayed for me to enjoy! My favorite pages include Monkey Hugs, Sugar Punkz, Vivibijoux, Aingeals Keepsakes, Misfits and Vagabonds, Butterflybelle Boutique....the list is endless! If you want to know them all I have a list on facebook that is viewable by the public. This list is so I don't miss anything despite Facebooks decision to stop showing most of them in my newsfeed!!!

I love them so much that I even bought one for Shane for his birthday this year (see Wolverine below!)!! Big Miss got one for Easter, as did Mini Miss! We may even see one or two at our wedding in 3 weeks time!!!

The collection on display here is not all of them! I recently got an absolutely stunning Dorothy from Vivibijoux! She came complete with sparkly red shoes! I love her! Also, from The Faraway Tree, we have a gorgeous soft & cuddly & big bear.

Pipers Cuddles, Misfits and Vagabonds, Miss Pollys Dollhouse, Sweet Delilah, Buttonhead Dolls

The sign of a true addict, is despite having plenty, you always want more!

Despite having over 40 dolls, I am not done! I have many doll makers whose gorgeousness I don't yet have! Lesley Jane Dolls in particular is one page I constantly stalk....Trellis Design & Lilliput Loft are some of the others. I am always finding new and beautiful pages to stalk and fall in love with!

I am aware this is a little odd. A grown woman loving dolls as much as I do. But hey, I figure Shane has his DVD's and Sci Fi stuff....I have my dolls. Fair is fair! I also share my dolls with the girls. Big Miss has a small collection on display in her room (generally the punky/goth style ones!), and Mini Miss has a small collection that sleep in her cot with her! 

Monkey Hugs, Missa Made it, The Sweet Shoppe, Oh Sew Bonnie

So thats it. I have confessed.....

Problem is, I have no desire to give up my addiction. I am learning to budget so I can buy the dolls I love, one at a time! I figure as long as our family doesn't go without to feed my addiction, then we are good!

What is your addiction? Or maybe a better term is "passionate collection"!

I have missed some pages, I know I have. If it is yours, I am sorry :( Its not that I dont love your dolls. Its just I have so many, I cant remember where they all came from! Feel free to leave a link below in the comments to your page!!


  1. Awww, aren't you sweet hun :) Love seeing all of your dolls and especially seeing mine within your lovely collection xxx

  2. Great read Sharon, i love it! And it's lovely to see your collection and where they all came from.
    Keep collecting xx

  3. So nice to a collector's (addict's?) point of view! Beautiful collection Sharon <3

  4. Nice little stash you have put together here! And, are always welcome at Lilliput are among friends!
    heeheehee hope you can find a home for one of our Poppets or Urchins one day.

  5. Aww it makes my heart place all soft and squishy reading bout how much my Punkz are loved!
    Keep on dollin' on chicky! ;)
    S x