Saturday, 20 October 2012

Educating Molly

So mini miss is now 18 months old and a very big squishy sponge, soaking up information, even if sometimes its the wrong information. 

An example of wrong information....every time someone burps or passes wind in our house she says "oh mummy!". Um, sorry, but mummy does NOT ever do either of those things....misinformation supplied by Daddy and Big Sis no doubt!

But, she is loving learning about animals. Courtesy of The Wiggles, Molly has quickly learnt that monkeys go "oh oh ah ah" and Elephants go, um *insert trumpet style noise here*, and that tigers go "raaaaa". (don't know this song? I can teach it to you. I can sing it in my sleep)

We have been using flash cards and books to teach other animals. She now can identify by name most animals like: "cow moo" (no, its not just a cow, its a cow moo. She cannot be told otherwise) and "baas" (sheep, again, she cannot be told otherwise). 

One of my favourites to date has to be a "hore". Yes, a "hore". Haven't you heard of them? They go "neeeeeiiighhh". Yes, she has given the horse a very special name all of its own!

Today, mini miss educated me. 

She even used props to demonstrate. She is very clever after all, and I can be a little slow at times. She showed me a chicken. She said "ticken. cock cock". I looked at her puzzled and slightly amused (because there is always a pre teen inside that laughs at words like that). I said "thats a chicken, what does a chicken say?" "cock, cock" was the reply. 

Ok, so no more left over hens night toys for her....she is clearly soaking up a LOT more information than I am ready for!!!!

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