Friday, 7 September 2012


Today we have had a lot of fun with Mini Miss.

She is almost 17 months old and has a rather large vocabulary already. This means she is getting quite good at communicating.

Unfortunately, with all good communication comes attitude, opinion and argument. 

Today has been particularly challenging;

Me, to our puppy: "do you want to go outside?" (because the dog understands human ok?!)

Mini Miss: "outside!!!!!!!" she runs enthusiastically to the door.

Me: "No, you cant go outside yet, you need a nappy change and to get out of your pj's"

Mini Miss: "outside!!!!!" and bangs on door in a mini tantrum

This afternoon in the car I give her a sippy cup, which she drinks from, then as soon as I look away, starts splashing it all over her legs. Its warm. It would probably be ok. But we are in the car.

Me: "please stop tipping your water everywhere"

Mini Miss: "No"

Me, reaching for her cup: "ta for mummy please"

Mini Miss: "No" laughs and begins to wave it around just out of my reach.

Then again this afternoon another example....

Mini Miss barges at the barricade stopping her from getting in and destroying the tidiness of the inaccessible parts of the house (namely the kitchen). She does this because she is aware from past experience, eventually she will get through.

Dad: "Molly stop"

Mini Miss continues ignoring Dad's demand

Dad: "do you want to have this argument with me now?"

Mini Miss: "yes"

Me : poorly hidden laughter "what? I coughed!"

Because it's only funny when the do it to someone else!

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