Thursday, 6 September 2012

funny mini miss

Today we went shopping with Mini Miss (Molly)

She is now 16 months old and very, um, boisterous and verbal!

Today when shopping at a sporting shop, Dad wandered off to look at something while Molly and I were inspecting the snorkeling gear and other fun water stuff.


Molly notices Dad is missing...

"whereareooo????" This is said all as one word.

"are you looking for Daddy?" I ask, smiling to myself (This is a new sentence so of course, as all crazy parents do, I am encouraging her to use it as often as possible!)

"I said whereareoooo!!" Molly replies in a slightly impatient tone.

Sorry for stating the obvious!!

Finally, Dad comes around the corner....

"peek boo" squeals Molly and runs away, throwing bouncy balls all over the shop as she goes. (yes, I foolishly bought the bouncy balls!)

When then head into the chemist, where she proceeds to run riot, and charming the pants off everyone. I am here to get medication for a migraine, so, of course 

a) the chemist wants to ask me a thousand questions and 

b) I should actually try and LOOK and SOUND as sick as I feel so the chemist believes me & lets me have my medication.

This is impossible. Even with Daddy in tow "managing" mini miss, she is loud and chatty, and throwing her new found bouncy balls in every direction.

Seriously, she turned the chemist, and the other older and sick people into her own personal pin ball machine, but instead of a rolling ball, we had a ball bouncing everywhere....up onto shelves, off counter walls, poles, off peoples get the idea....

So there I am trying to look as sick as I'm feeling, while trying to not laugh at my very humorous child and smiling at the other people waiting` so they don't start a riot over the little kid playing pinball in the chemist with their legs and the parents who are unable to control her!

Needless to say, I came home, took  my medication and crashed....a busy, chatty, excitable toddler is.....exhausting!!!! 

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