Monday, 14 May 2012

Preseason Continues

So Michelle continues to attack my thoughts & my mind set. In reality I know what I need to do to lose weight. Eat a low calorie, low fat diet and exercise regularly. The reason I always fail at this is my mind set. My inner voice, my justifications and excuses! 

So we have faced my excuses, and it has been hard. In the last week I still haven't always made the best choices, but at least, rather than thinking "well, that's it, may as well give up", I'm now forcing myself to think "its ok, you made a bad choice, that was YOUR decision, now GET BACK ON TRACK!! JFDI!!" So far, so good!

By the way....JFDI is my new motto....if you don't know what it means, think of the Nike slogan, with an extra kick!!!

Part 2 of the tasks this week was to set goals. When I really sat down and thought about it. Other than lose weight for the wedding, I hadn't given much thought to what I wanted to achieve. So I found this hard. The negative voice in my head, the self sabotaging, fearful voice screamed at me...."why set goals, you always fail" "why should this be any different?" "If you don't have goals, then when you don't succeed again, you won't be as dismally disappointed with the results" SHUT UP STUPID VOICE!!!!!! So, in the quiet time of a Molly nap, I really thought about it. It didn't feel like enough to simply say I was to lose "x" amount of weight by "y" date. I needed more. Michelle insists on 1, 3, 6 & 12 month goals, so once again, to make myself accountable here they are!

  • 1 month goal - Lose 1kg per week during preseason

                    - Walk 5km a day 6 days a week

  • 3 month goal - lose a total of 15kg for the 12 WBT 

                    - increase walks to 7km a day 6 days a week

  • 6 month goal - The first big one - THE WEDDING!! have lost a total of 25kg

                     - walk 10km a day 4-5 days a week

  • 12 month goal - Do Relay For Life (at least 100 laps in the 24hrs = about 50km)

                      - have lost 30kg
                      - be pregnant & healthy with baby no 3

and just because....

  • 2yr goal - MAINTAIN weight loss & continue with the walking!!!!!!
So, these are my goals, following the SMART rules set out by Michelle. Now you know them, if you see me doing something you think will hamper my efforts and goals, remind me of them!!!!!

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