Friday, 18 May 2012


So this weeks challenges I thought were easy. Then I actually looked at them in detail. Turns out, not so easy at all! 

Firstly Gear Up. Sounds easy enough right? Make sure you have everything you need to tackle the exercise program Michelle will throw at us in the coming weeks....But this brought up all sorts of questions...invest in weights, steps, yoga mat, heart rate monitor, exercise DVD's etc, or bite the bullet and join a gym??? I wanted to do all the first stuff. It meant Shane could join in and use the stuff too, I meant I wouldn't have to be away from home, in reality it is cheaper.....BUT....I know myself too well. I know I can buy all the equipment in the world, BUT I have excuses at home. I have housework that needs doing. I have a baby that needs attending too. I have a Dad that needs help. The yard needs tidying....Fact it, NO EXCUSES or not, these things would interfere with my exercise at home. Also, believe it or not, I'm embarrassed to exercise in front of my Dad. Complete strangers, bring it on!!! At home, in front of my Dad, whose opinion continues to mean the world to me? Forget it! My fear of rejection from my Dad, even though this fear is completely foundless, this fear stops me!

So, from the 28th of May I have a membership at a local gym! Thanks to one of my new friends Sonya for the recommendation, they are already fantastic!! I cannot wait to start! The best bit is, if Shane finds a job, he can get a membership too, and when Maddi turns 12, she can come and work out with me once or twice a week! Healthy family here we come!!!

So with Gear Up completed, I faced the next challenge. Say It Out Loud. Again, sounds easy! I have already told people what I am doing. I have even blogged about it for goodness sake...but oh, I am discovering. Each step of this journey is a challenge. A "thing" to overcome. Michelle said not only to tell people, but COMMIT to it!! Those who know me, understand my aversion to this word! I broke up with my lovely fiance 6 months after we started dating because of my fear of this word!! (Thankfully, he was incredibly patient, and waited for me to realise committing to him wasn't as scary as I thought!!). 

So here is this person, making me face all my fears, making me face reality and now she shoves COMMITMENT into my face. This one I have avoided for a few days. Afraid to say the words, afraid of the consequences of this action....but here it is....

I Commit to losing 25kg before my wedding in November. 

I further Commit to jogging 5km by the end of this challenge in August. 

And I am COMMITTED to do the work to get me there!! 


Take that fear says the brave new me, as she cowers in the corner shaking, but still determined to.......


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