Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Wedding Plans in motion

Well, the last few weeks have been busy. Having been diagnosed with Ross River Virus on top of everything else was just a bonus! Well, you know what I mean. Life without challenges can be very boring, so I guess I can't complain.

Our wedding is fast approaching. According to my countdown app we are now 31 weeks and 3 days out from the big day! I still cannot believe, when you are going all out and doing the whole big thing, just HOW much you need to organise and plan and how much TIME it takes! Its crazy, and i can see why people hire someone to do it all for them. But, I'm loving it, and wouldn't want to leave all the big decisions to someone else.

After several months we finally have a wedding party! I always knew who I would ask to be my bridesmaids. I couldn't ask everyone I wanted too, or it would take a week for us all to just walk down the aisle! But my almost 12yr old is my Maid of Honour, then I have 4 beautiful bridesmaids and our little almost 1yr old is a flower girl, as is my 3yr old Goddaughter. 

The boys have taken a little longer. For some reason, Shane didn't see the need to rush this decision, and as far as I know we are still 1 groomsman short. But he has a best man & at least 2 groomsmen, just 1 more to go, and if he can't decide, most of my bridesmaids are married, so I'll just borrow a husband!! I'm pretty sure we still haven't asked Shane's sister if her 4yr old can be a page boy, but we will get there!

We have the clothes. Well, Shane has his suit, which he decided to buy. My dress is on order, but I am still waiting for it. Then I have to find a good seamstress to alter it. Expensive or not, its still not QUITE what I had in mind and needs some little tweaks. The boys suits are chosen, and we just have to get them all fitted and hired for the day. Pretty easy really, boys aren't too fussy about this sort of stuff! The bridesmaids dresses...well, they are still a work in progress....

We have a venue. Bonville Golf Resort. This was the very first thing we decided on. When Shane suggested we check it out, I pretty much dismissed his idea. "it will be too expensive" I argued. "really, a Golf Resort?" I wondered. It is truly beautiful. It has a rainforest setting for our ceremony, and a lovely reception room. The people there couldn't have been more friendly and helpful, always answer emails quickly, and are happy to help in anyway we can. The fact that on the day we get carted around in Golf Buggy's is just a bonus for the boys!! 

Our church Pastor also thinks its a great venue and a great time, as being a bit of a golfing fanatic, he figures he can get in a round of golf before the ceremony begins. I'm half expecting him to turn up on the day in his golfing attire!

Our Honeymoon....a cruise, 10 nights without children, just us, around the South Pacific. Could it sound more romantic?! I think not! We figured, this will probably be the only time we get away without the kids until we are old and fragile, so we are going to enjoy it!

Then there is more... Our photographer, the lovely Laura from Captured With Love Photography, who did our family photos last year, including the one at the top of this blog, our videographer David Fuller, our cake from Coastal Cake Designs....there is a seemingly endless list of things are people to hire and try out and more importantly PAY!

Tomorrow I have a hair trial with a lovely lady named Leonie. If that goes well, she will be joining us on the morning of the big day. She will have her hands full, with LOTS of hair to style! Then we need to hire a make up artist, organise flowers, decorations, thank you gifts for the bridal party and the guests, jewelry, my shoes and my ummm, personal items (blush!), invitations, gift registry, accommodation for friends and family....

It's actually hard work, but so enjoyable, and I am so happy to be doing it this way. There are times when I wish we could just go to a registry office and say I do in front of some legal guy, but in the end, we want to celebrate with all our family and friends. We only plan on doing this once, and since we waited so long, we may as well do it right!

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