Monday, 2 April 2012

My Second Baby

So Molly turns 1 this month. Its amazing how quickly this time has gone. Especially as I have seen more hours in these last 12 months than I have in most of my life!! But, regardless of how difficult she has been at times, I feel truly blessed to have her in my life. 

Has she been difficult? Hell yeah! She has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced these last few years. From day 1 she has been a challenging. Example?

From day one she didn't like to breast feed. Whether it was because she was given a bottle while I was recovering in ICU or whether it was because, even when not full of milk, my boobs are HUGE and they scared the nappy off her, I'm not sure. It doesn't matter. She didn't like it & would scream every feed time until I relented and gave her a bottle. If I'm honest, I was keen on breastfeeding either. I felt like i was trying to suffocate her or shove a water balloon in her mouth & hope she figured out how to drink from it! 

Molly also suffered from Reflux and Colic. I hate the term Colic. Reflux is a treatable medical condition that is treatable. Colic is what doctors say when a baby screams for hours and hours on end for no reason they can figure out. Even Tressilian nurses couldn't figure her out. It was heartbreaking to have hours and hours of screaming that no amount of comforting could stop. Even now, she has bouts of crying for no obvious reason, she hasn't grown out of it....yet! 


This little girl has an amazing way of warming your heart and making you smile in the hardest times. For no reason at all, she will toddle over, climb into your lap and wrap her little arms around you and nestle her head into the nape of your neck and just cuddle. She loves to give kisses and has done from a very early age. She will pat you on the arm or on the back when you hold her, just because she can. 

Molly loves to laugh. She has the most contagious laugh, as most babies do. She will go out of her way to play a game with you that makes her laugh, like hiding around the corner and peeking out at you, cause when you notice and say "Boo!" she will laugh hysterically! 

Just like her sister (and her mum), she has a love of music. She will dance and rock and clap her hands to any sort of beat or song. She loves watching The Wiggles and more recently Hi-5. She loves to crawl into Maddi's room, turn on her keyboard and play it! She even knows how to turn on the backing beat and claps her hands when it comes on!

She LOVES being outside. She is happiest toddling around in a park or in our backyard. Eating leaves, grass and if I'm not watching closely, rocks! She also LOVES the bath. Bath time is probably her happiest time of day, regardless of how tired she is, she will always happily splash and play in the bath for hours if I let her. That love also spreads to the "big bath" in our backyard, the pool. She already knows how to kick and is learning to float, and doesn't even mind being dunked under the water. She just laughs!

She loves to read books. Often, when she is quiet, and I wonder what on earth she has gotten into, I will find her sitting in her room, books all around her (because the only way to read is to pull EVERY book off the shelf then choose one off the floor!) She will sit there and chatter away to herself and point to things on the pages. She will laugh at whatever she has said about the story she sees. She will happily sit in your lap and let you read story after story to her, turning pages as you go.

Molly has been a blessing in this house. She is the product of a love I thought I would never find. She reminds me everyday to be thankful for my beautiful family. Sure, not everyday is fun, not everyday is easy, but I have a loving partner, and 2 beautiful healthy children who are thriving in our family. Her love for her family is obvious. It is unconditional, pure and innocent love. She has complete trust in us and that alone is enough reason to ensure we don't let her or Maddi down, ever. 

So to my little girl I say

Happy Birthday! 

Molly, Mummy loves you very much and you make me proud to be a mum each and everyday.

Thank you for being the beautiful loving caring fun loving little girl you are. I hope you continue to grow up, always knowing you are loved by not only your immediate family, but by so many more people, whose lives you have touched. 

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