Friday, 23 May 2014

My Slow Cooker Challenge

So, those that know me well know I was never keen on cooking. 

In fact, once upon a time I CHOSE, yep I CHOSE to do the washing up over cooking dinner every night. 

How times change......

Apparently becoming a Mum, a wife and now being the stay at home person, was enough to inspire me. Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking! I love cooking dinners, breakfasts, I love baking and cooking sweets...I love my kitchen!

I am completely self taught. My Mum used to love cooking. It was her major passion, but her kitchen was HER kitchen! I rarely got to get in there and so I never really learnt the ins and outs of how to cook. Now I have my own passion for cooking, I kind of understand where she was coming from....maybe I get my need to control freak obsessive compulsiveness from her!

Cooking Cartoon about a home chef cooking with his mom.

But, it turns out, I am not too bad at it, if I do say so myself! I rarely follow a recipe too closely, I usually tweak it depending on my personal tastes, what I have in the cupboard, or what I think I will just taste better! So far I think I may have had 1 or 2 failures, but thats it. The rest have turned out just fine and tasty!

So, to the slow cooker challenge. 

I have had my slow cooker for a couple of years now, but I have never really experimented with it. I tend to stick to 6 or so recipes I know work well and taste good. Family favourites. 

Well NO MORE!!!

Time to branch out and with the help of a Facebook page, Taste, and several other internet sources, I am embarking on a new journey, a new tastes journey!

Also, I'm looking for recipes with left overs, to freeze so I don't have to cook when Mr Squishy arrives! As any new mum knows, being prepared when a little one comes in and turns your lives upside down is VERY important. Given the fact we know I will be having a c-section, and that there is a longer recovery time, preparation is essential.

Until yesterday, I had never used my slow cooker for desserts. Then I may a To Die For Gooey Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding! Now, I know I will continue to use it for more desserts! 

I'm branching out! Experimenting. Having fun.

So each week, thanks to several friends and fans asking, I will bring you my favourite recipes, the ones that turn out tasty! Maybe, for a laugh, I'll also share the ones that crash and burn! 

This will be handy (I hope) and just in time for winter, when casseroles, soups and roasts are sooooo good! Loads of Winter Warmers, that are family friendly and most importantly, QUICK AND EASY!!

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  1. Cant wait to hear all about your successes and failures. I have been using my slow cooker for years but an alwsys looking gor new recipes