Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Chicken and Vegetable Patties

So Mini Miss has become a bit of a fussy eater....

Apparently Mud Pies are a favourite!

No, really, she has become a ridiculously fussy eater. But only for us. For others she will eat whatever is put in front of her. Despite being very strict, rarely giving in to her demands, and offering a variety of healthy choices, Mini Miss STILL insists every single night that she wants "nuggets and chippies". (for the record, we do NOT feed her this meal very often at all, maybe once a month when we are out to dinner or on the run!)

So, in an attempt to get her to eat healthy, without her knowledge, I decided to start making her "nuggets" at home. I have been keen to make more healthy options for the whole family, so this is just the start of a series on healthy, easy, alternatives! 

Chicken and Vegetable Patties are my first attempt at hiding vegetables in her food. So far, so good. Most of the time she eats them. Most of the time. She is aware they are not actual nuggets, so sometimes this fails....So anyway, here is my very own recipe for them!

Chicken and Vegetable Patties


500 grams lean chicken mince 
2 carrots
1 large zucchini
1 parsnip
a handful of broccoli finely chopped
garlic and herb salt
1 egg
gluten free breadcrumbs (obviously don't have to be gluten free, they can be regular breadcrumbs, but in this house we try to avoid gluten as it turns out I have an intolerance, not Celiac Disease, just an intolerance, that can turn into the Celiac Disease if not careful)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray


1. Grate and finely chop vegetables
2. Mix mince and vegetables together (I do this by hand, messy, sticky, and gross but effective)
3. Add 1 egg (if needed) to bind mixture
4. Make small balls using about a tablespoon of the mince mixture, flatten slightly (or even shape them if you want to and have the time, which I didn't this time) and roll/cover in gluten free breadcrumbs

5. Heat fry pan and spray very lightly with olive oil, place as many patties as will fit into the pan, cook on a medium heat for 10-15 mins or until golden brown.

I cooked them all at once to save time, cooled and then froze them in individual serving sizes for mini miss to have when she is being fussy. Either defrost/reheat in the microwave or oven.

With 2 - 3 patties depending on size, i got 10 meals out of this mix. Well, 9, after Miss Teen came home, saw them cooling and ate a few!

Give them a go and let me know how you go!

This weekend I plan on doing a blog on Sandwich/Bread free Lunch box ideas. So many people ask me what I serve to my fussy kids, I thought I would share them. And if you want, I will share the recipes as well, so you can try them at home :)

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