Thursday 4 July 2013

Finances, EOFY.....YUK!

EOFY (End of Financial Year for those not in "the know"!) = talk of budgets and financial goals in the Muddled Household last night. 

Muddled hubby and I sat down last night and worked out a budget for the next 12 months. It meant cutting a few things out, adding a few things in, but fingers crossed we will get on top of things by the end of the year AND have some much needed savings.

It also meant that we finally decided to have a joint bank account. <---- those words TERRIFY me! Seriously more than "I do" on our wedding day. It is like the final step into adulthood, trust and unity. For me anyhow. 

See, I was a VERY independent and self sufficient single Mother for 9 years. I got myself in a BIG mess when Miss Teen was around 2 years old. The wheels fell off my life. And my finances. But I refused financial help. I stood on my own two feet and relied solely on MYSELF. I dragged not only my life back together, but my finances. That has always been a point of pride to me. To now have to share that responsibility is, well, scary. To me. Maybe I'm strange! 

So Muddled Hubby and I did a budget. We will pay all the bills, together. We will get rid of all the debt, together. We will save, together. Because this life we have chosen to live, together.

Do you use a budget? If so, is it so you can work towards a specific goal? Or is just so you can get by week by week? 

Our main goals for the next 12 months are:

1. get rid of ALL credit card debt
2. go on a cruise at the end of 2014
3. continue to chip away at our car loan

Do you have any financial goals? Do you plan for the future or live for the now? What do you dream doing?

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