Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mini Miss and her imagination

Mini Miss has the most wonderful imagination. Even in times of my utmost despair & depression she can make me laugh. I truly love that about her. This is an example from our shower earlier this evening....

Mini Miss being various characters in the shower & using a different voice for each character....

LPS Monkey:  hi swiper!

Swiper:  hi monkey

Monkey:  nice to meet you

Swiper:  nice to meet u too. I'm going to swipe u now!

Dora (high pitched panic voice):  oh no!! Swiper is going to swipe my monkey! Oh no!! Swiper no swiping!!

Swiper:  your toooo late! U will never find it now!! 

Dora:  Say map! Map! Say again! Map!! And backpack! Backpack! 

*incoherent mumbling and various characters running and jumping all over the shower* followed by: "there's monkey!! We did it!!"

She really does love Dora & Boots and was simply overwhelmed at meeting them this week!!

A couple of weeks ago an older lady had a go at me for letting her play with my phone while I shopped. She told me giving my toddler a screen to keep her amused would stop her growing up with an imagination, blah blah blah...

Normally I play games with Mini Miss. We talk about the food, what we can cook. We count, spot various items, colours and shapes...she has some Devon from the deli & of course a drink. This day however, she was over tired and simply not in the mood. I don't have a problem letting my toddler play educational games on my phone so I can get a few things done. Just like when Miss Teen was the same age, occasionally the TV babysat while I did housework or had a *GASP* shower in peace!

So, after reading the above script, a script that has a variation EVERY night, tell me again how my toddler is growing up without an ACTIVE imagination?

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