Saturday, 30 March 2013

Our Easter Show Adventure

In case you were unlucky enough to miss all my posts about this in the last week or so, I had the chance to write a guest blog for one of my favourite websites Coffs for Kids. You can read about our adventures here: 


We were so very lucky to WIN a family holiday in a competition they were running, with the catch being I had to write a blog about it! Um, ok!!!

We had so so much fun, and in coming weeks I will be doing some posting on travelling with the family!! 

A big big THANKS has to go to Alison at Coffs for Kids and to Stephanie and Susan at Countrylink for firstly running the competition and secondly for organising our trip in such a short amount of time! Everyone was truly amazing!! 

File:Countrylink logo.png
Ok, enough blatant plugging for some wonderful people and places! Back to work for me!!

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