Friday, 6 January 2012

Going to the chapel

Time for a happy post, made while on my phone with a sleeping baby in my arms :)

In 301 days, shane & I will stand before our church pastor in the gorgeous rainforest setting and say I do. I do love you and always will, I do want to spend the rest of my life with you....I do want to grow old with you....I do want to be your Mrs Edman.....

That used to scare me. The idea of finding someone and going "yep, you'll do, I'll spend the rest of my life with you. Sold!" That was of course, until I met Shane. Now it makes sense. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him, it's not "you'll do" but "you are the one".

I often wondered if it really existed, that kind of love where you know they can make you happy forever. I have lover before, I didn't think it got better than that. I was wrong. I used to think people were crazy gambling forever on that kind of love. There are people out there that do and they are crazy!!! Wait, I tell you!! Wait!! you will see, it can be so much better!!

So he asked me to marry him in September, while we were on the gold coast on our first family holiday. It wasn't over the top romantic, no dozen roses, no limos, no fancy restaurant or sky writer...just him, my love, as if I would spend forever with him as his!!!

So now we are in planning mode! In November we will be married. We have the ceremony & reception locations booked (convienently in the one place!). We have our church pastor doing our ceremony, which we both love the idea of...he will make it fun while not taking away from the emotion of the commitment we are making before our God friends family.

The other details are fun...meetings with videographers, photographers, make up & hair artists, cake decorators, venue decorators. Appointments for trying on dresses, bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses. There is so much to do, you just don't think about it all til
you get into it...ring bearer cushions, vows, speeches, mc's, jewelry, lingerie....phew!

We could do it cheaply & simply. Simple ceremony in a local chapel, backyard reception at home...Buuut, I have waited this long, I only plan on doing it once, and I have an amazing father who is in a position to & more than happy to help, so why shouldn't I have my dream

So our wedding party is eldest daughter is my maid of honor, 3 of my dearest friends are bridesmaids, our youngest daughter & my God daughter are flower girls. Our nephew is our page boy, if we ever remember to ask his mum. So far Shane has a best man...but hey, men always leave things til the last minute! Right? No really, they do right???!!!

The only thing I really wish I could have for my wedding, is the one thing that simply cannot be....I want my mum to be here on my wedding day, helping me get ready, ensuring a steady but not over supply of champagne, tearing up at her Shar finally getting married, making sure I dont get cold feet and reassuring me that all is well...BUT...I know she will be watching over me, crying like a big sook with happiness. I know she had something to do with Shane coming into my life....after all how many people are THAT into Star Trek!!! So instead I will have my amazing friends, my sisters, helping me get ready & maybe, if she would like to, shanes mum too. They can hold my hand & encourage me until my dad comes o takes me by the hand & walks me down the aisle...

I totally cannot wait!!!!!!!

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