Friday, 27 February 2015

Domino Maths

Doing child lead learning sometimes leads to lots of fun! 

Mini Miss was very keen to play with the dominoes last week. I was busy trying to clean up, so I tipped them out in an out of the way place. I told her that we would build the dominoes up to knock them down, once she sorted them into colours.

Mini Miss was very excited by this, and set about sorting the colours. As I worked, we talked about the colours. She then counted the number of each colour.

Some great fine motor practice, Mini Miss set these ones up on her own as she counted them!

 Once we were done with sorting and counting and making mini domino trails we made a big colourful trail....

and then the fun of knocking them all down. We talked about how come they all fall, and what colour order they would fall in. Which colour would go first, and which colour would fall last....lots of great, simple maths concepts in one fun activity!

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