Sunday, 10 February 2013

When He speaks and you listen......

So this week has been tough. 

After organising to have a surgical procedure because of my "missed" miscarriage, my body decided to take care of things on its own.

Can I just say, this has been one of the most physically painful experiences I have been through, and yes, I did do 17 hours of labour once! To be all but laid up in bed for 5 days, exhausted and in so much pain constantly has been horrid. And I haven't even begun to deal with the emotional side of things yet!!

But this post is not about the loss of our baby. This post is about when God moves you, speaks to you. So much has happened this week, good and the worst, I don't think it is possible to fit it all in one post! Well, maybe one very long post, but I don't have everything I need for that at the moment, though I can't wait to share :D

For me, this week has been one I think I have needed spiritually. God spoke to me, in fact He speaks to me often, just this time I actually listened, just for a change! So really the difference was, He spoke, I listened. 

For the last 2 years I have been feeling a push to serve our church in some way. I have known it is time to give back to our church who give so much to us and our lives. I have felt it, heard it, known it was there, but have always found excuses to ignore it. After all, I am a great procrastinator!

"I'm too busy"

"I work Sunday's"

"My family needs me" 

"I don't have the time, I can't do it all".......

(In fact, if there was a degree at university for Procrastination, I probably wouldn't have it, as I would find reasons to avoid finishing it!! Its something I am working on changing about myself.)

I've known this push has been towards working on our worship team. I love worship. Singing praise to God fills my heart with joy, makes me feel connected with others in my church family, but most importantly, its where i feel closest to God. Its when I feel all the things that may get in the way of our relationship just disappear and I am focused solely on communicating with Him. My heart is open to share and receive. This is something I feel I should share, and over the past year I have been involved in the Easter Production and the Christmas Choir as I "tested" this calling, this push. I know, I know! Not the best thing to do, TEST a push from God!! I never said I was a perfect Christian! FAR from it!

So when Alyce from church put out the call for new members to join the worship team, I FINALLY listened! I am glad I did. I can feel a whole new level of fellowship and a whole new chapter in our lives beginning. I cannot wait to share my simple joy in singing praise!

I also know that He is guiding Shane, but that is his story to share. All I can say is, although it's scary the first time you really feel that push, that guidance, it is SO worth following, and Shane isn't doing it alone! I will be there encouraging him, supporting him with whatever it is!

This year is going to be AMAZING!! 

God is moving in all our lives, not just mine but Shane's as well. I know, as long as we are listening to Him and following His will, this year will be the best one yet!!

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